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Seamless fun pattern with bright and bold children's doodles

Our Daily Routine

Image of children learning the ABC within a Daycare environment.
Image of children playing within a Daycare environment.

8.00 – Children arrive and settle at an activity of their choice (free play)

9.00 – Circle time

9.15 – Toast

9.25 – Daily focus activities

10.15 – Snack time

11.35 – Tidy up time

11.40 – Story time/singing

12.00 – End of morning session


12 – 1.00 Lunch Time

1.00 – Beginning of afternoon session

1.15 – Circle time

1.30 – Daily focus activities

2.15 – Snack time

4.00 – Tidy up time

4.15 – Story time/singing

5.00 – Hometime

This is an example only and can change due to children’s developing interests.

We are very happy to cater for every child’s individual needs. (i.e. learning needs, cultural differences and dietary requirements.) so please speak to us if you have any specific requirements. 

We are open term time in line with London Borough Of Barnet Schools, however if demand persists we can operate in half terms and holidays.

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